WinMAGI ERP Software

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Master Production Scheduling

Links sales forecasts with production planning and actual customer requirements.

  • Historical sales forecasting
  • Manual forecast support
  • Change simulations
  • Forecast by company, product class, individual products
  • Seasonality trend support
  • Automatic interface with MRP

WinMAGI’s MPS converts the sales forecast into a balanced material and capacity plan for MRP.

Three levels of forecasting are supported. Simple 12 month averaging, specific monthly forecast and WinMAGI’s exclusive forecast from annual sales. With this extraordinarily powerful tool, WinMAGI uses historical records or your product expertise to develop the forecast. Seasonality can be introduced at both the product or product class levels for total flexibility in the modeling process.

A review process displays sales projections by end item and product class monthly, quarterly, and annually. Work center capacity can be reviewed before releasing the forecast to MRP.