About MAGI

Manufacturing Action Group, Inc. Headquartered in West Michigan.

About MAGI

MAGI develops and supports high quality ERP business solutions for small to mid-sized manufacturers. MAGI has been developing software solutions since 1985 and has installations worldwide.

WinMAGI blends solid accounting and manufacturing practices in an easy to use and implement package. WinMAGI is continually improved by its use in industries as diverse as consumer products, defense, hazardous chemicals, food and beverage, furniture, computer imaging, plastic molding, electronics, automotive components, fishing tackle, travelers checks, and others. WinMAGI is scaleable enough to be used by small startup companies and large divisions of Fortune 100 companies.

MAGI values its customers input and recognizes that after-sale service is key to customer success. From effective user training to speedy implementation through excellent helpdesk response, the MAGI team is committed to total customer satisfaction.

A proven track record. Our staff has managed mission critical systems and our credits include some of the most prestigious companies in the Fortune 500. We have played all of the roles in business… manufacturing management, financial management, IT, consulting, training and service support.

Timely answers to questions. Your success is our success, therefore we work with you in a team environment. The WinMAGI helpdesk is staffed by experienced professionals who are committed to your total satisfaction.

Continuous product improvement for your success. MAGI products are the very best in the market because our upgrades are driven by customer needs, ongoing technology changes, improved business processes and decades of staff experience.