WinMAGI ERP Software

Affordable ERP software. Highly rated by manufacturers.

WinMAGI ERP Software

WinMAGI empowers companies to manage every function of their business more effectively. It blends solid accounting and manufacturing practices in an easy to use and implement package.

Subjected to continuous critiquing and improvement, it is an ever evolving system driven by customer demand. Designed for the user, every module/process/report can be easily adapted to conform to your workflow. By staying ahead of the technology curve, WinMAGI enables you to track your key business functions in real-time giving you accurate information at the click of a button.

WinMAGI - Modules & Features

WinMAGI Modules & Features

When you license WinMAGI, every module is included in the license fee.

Click on a module for details and screenshots.

WinMAGI - Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

WinMAGI can be configured to run in thin, lean or fat client / server environments.