WinMAGI ERP Software

Affordable ERP software. Highly rated by manufacturers.

Why Choose WinMAGI

WinMAGI provides solutions: Improved productivity, managed growth, enhance IT infrastructure, maximize capacity...

WinMAGI software provides tangible/relevant solutions for small to medium sized manufacturers. We deliver our product economically with an easy implementation process so that every manufacturer has the opportunity gain returns from ERP.

Low Cost of Ownership: long term return on investment or minimal upfront costs.

  • MAGI ON-SITE: Is a perpetual software license, which means you purchase, upfront, the license to use the software indefinitely. MAGI ON-SITE provides a fully-integrated, all-in-one small business management solution that’s deployed, managed, and maintained at your own site.
  • MAGI TERM: Provides a cost effective alternative to the upfront capital investment required with MAGI ON-SITE. MAGI TERM is a term license model under which you pay per year (or month) for complete access to our software. Maintained on your server instead of the web, Term does not force you to sacrifice security for upfront cost savings.

Earn ROI without a big investment: WinMAGI modules are all included in one low fee

Sales order entry, CRM, purchasing, warehouse control, shop floor control, MPS, requirements planning, product engineering, sales crm, product costing, contract management, accounting and finance.

Affordable maintenance contract that includes support and help desk (required with lease and purchase option):

With WinMAGI, the maintenance contract is equal to 20% of the software license fee. The maintenance contract includes all the help and support you need from our team.

Setup & implementation time is included in price:

When you license WinMAGI, the setup and implementation time is included in the fee.

No expensive hardware needed:

All that is required to run WinMAGI is a Windows server.

Fast and easy to deploy. We tailor the system for you in less than 5 days:

  • Software Installation: Completed with our simple Install Wizard.
  • Implementation and Training: Our team will spend 3-5 days with your company to install the WinMAGI system, tailor it to your needs, and train your people.
  • Pilot Environment: At completion, the software will be running in a pilot environment so you can evaluate and refine how it works.

Easy to customize without the need for a programmer:

With WinMAGI, you can customize things like screen views and report layouts with just a few clicks. Terminology can be changed by simply clicking on a field and typing in the new term.

Live support from people with product AND industry knowledge:

When you call MAGI for help, you are talking to people who have both product knowledge and industry knowledge.

  • 95% of help desk calls result in talking to a person
  • 80% of inquiries are answered the same business day
  • 90% of inquiries are answered within 24hrs

Easy to maintain and upgrade:

Keeping WinMAGI up-to-date is as easy as following a simple update wizard that we provide. Updates don’t have to be sequential – so if you miss a few updates you won’t have to go back and install previous updates before you install the latest. Plus, updates will not override any of your customizations.

We’re a small company that understands manufacturing:

WinMAGI is developed and supported by Manufacturing Action Group (MAGI) located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our industry experts share over 50 years of combined experience in the manufacturing industry. We have been developing software solutions since 1985 and have installations worldwide.

Critical factors to consider when choosing an ERP system:

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing an ERP system – especially if your budget is tight and you want to deploy quickly. Here are just some of the questions you should be asking of all ERP vendors.

  • How much is the license fee?
  • Does the licensee fee include all modules?
  • Does the software require expensive database licenses (Oracle, SQL, etc)?
  • Will I need to hire/contract a database administrator?
  • Is support included in the maintenance contract?
  • How long will it take to install, setup and customize the system?