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ERP Training, Help Desk, Maintenance & Support Services.

Help Desk

People who are committed to your success.

Our industry experts share over 50 years of combined experience in the manufacturing industry. We make sure that your problems get solved today!

  • Trained professional support team
  • Internet based support
  • Incident reporting and resolution
  • Fast response (90+ % same day resolution)
  • Online context sensitive help
  • Online customizable procedures

Our help desk provides expertise on the system and related operational issues. Situations sometimes arise that are out of the normal, where expert advice is invaluable. MAGI’s help desk support provides that expertise through seasoned professionals that know our software and how it works. It’s not a substitute for training, nor does it attempt to be an in depth consulting service.

Calls are logged and solutions noted for future reference. Each call contributes to an expanded knowledge base of information. A variety of options can be presented for review and applicability to current situations. Your success is enhanced through the experience of others.

Your questions are reviewed by our development staff to validate documentation and product functionality. Recurring questions on basic functions trigger a review of that area for ease of use. Questions on specialized features, or more sophisticated functions, result in a review of both documentation and online help.